“I am based in Australia with roots in Canada and a heart for the whole world.”

– Christie

Does this sound like you? 

  • I think about food 24/7 and it drives me crazy.
  • I eat great one day but the next day I always lose control.
  • I don’t like my body and I won’t be happy until I lose weight.
  • I eat well in front of others but I sneak food when no one’s looking.
  • I have uncontrollable cravings and I’m always eating even when I’m not hungry.
  • I’m forever overeating and it constantly makes me feel guilty and bloated.

Would you rather this be you instead?

  • Sometimes I forget to eat because I’m too busy loving my life!
  • I don’t need to control what I eat because I can trust my appetite.
  • I’m happy despite what my body looks like (and I love my body!).
  • I don’t care if people are watching. I happily eat what I want, when I want and I don’t feel guilty for it!
  • I usually only eat when I’m hungry but it doesn’t matter if I eat something just because I feel like it either.
  • I rarely overeat, but when I do it was obviously worth it! And what bloat?

I know what it’s like

Hi, I’m Christie and it’s my mission to help you make peace with your food and body and embrace Empowered Eating! After overcoming many years of problematic eating myself, I know exactly what it feels like to feel defeated and out of control with food. I once obsessed over how many calories I ate, how many hours I spent at the gym, and how high or low the numbers were on the scale. I once was an “expert” in health but made myself sick to my stomach eating spoonfuls of honey from the jar and handfuls of chocolate chips in secret. I’ve been there too. At Whole By Nature, I provide you with practical tools that will help you develop a balanced and healthy relationship with your food and body so you can finally have food freedom!

Health is more than food and exercise

I became an Eating Psychology Coach once I realised that nutrition and exercise weren’t going to solve anything if your relationship with food and body is complicated. After first becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, I noticed that most people (myself included) knew which foods are “healthy” and which ones “aren’t”, but for some reason eating in a way that works for them without guilt, shame and judgment is a big challenge. We end up overeating, under-eating, dieting and depriving and we’re left feeling empty and frustrated.

Eating is meant to be pleasurable, nourishing and simple and I want you to experience what it’s like to be an Empowered Eater! Click here to sign up for my free e-book, “Empowered Eating” where I share just how to do that!

Time to Unearth

I believe you can be Whole no matter how many health concerns you have, how imperfect you are (I love imperfections!), or how big or small your body is. As a friend, coach, and health guru, my mission is to help YOU unearth your true, authentic self!

My Simple, Grounding Principles

  • You are biochemically distinct and have unique nutritional needs.
  • There is a beautiful interrelationship of the body, mind, and spirit that must all be addressed in your own personal healing journey.
  • Whole, local, organic foods grown by sustainable farming practices provide the most nutrients (and taste the yummiest)!
  • Living in a non-toxic environment (home, workspace, relationships, and thoughts) is essential.
  • Prevention and self-responsibility are key to physical health.
  • And most importantly, self-love! You talk to yourself more than anyone else, so always use kind words.

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