Your body is resilient. It’s strong, powerful and does more for you then you could possibly imagine. Your body keeps on working for you day after day, running on whatever food you feed it, however much sleep you give it and however much movement you allow it to make. Sometimes the food isn’t nutritious, you don’t sleep enough and the most movement you get is walking from your house to the car, but your body just keeps on going.

We live in a busy, go-go-go world, always in a rush to eat or to get from A to B. Most of us live life in the fast lane, and while your body is resilient, one day it just might say “no”. Different things happen to different people. Some people’s immunity suffers and they frequently get sick while others become completely exhausted, some even to the point of adrenal fatigue. Of course a common symptom is weight gain, and unfortunately when this begins to happen people tend to push themselves even harder at the gym and skip out on nourishing fats that are so essential for the functioning of the body.

This is the body telling you “no” but most people just keep pushing their body to its limits. Busyness is glorified these days. People love to see how much they can squeeze into a day and how little sleep they can survive off of. The thing is, “surviving” is a very different picture to “thriving”, yet almost all of us are capable of thriving. Look around at the abundance we have in this country! Healthy food and affordable clothing is readily available for us. We have every kind of health practitioner you could imagine available at our fingertips. We are safe and have so many freedoms that many people in the world know nothing of. Yet why is it that we are some of the most exhausted, worn out and unhappy people?

Because we are moving too fast.

We are given 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. If we are blessed to live to our life expectancy we are given a life well into our 70’s or 80’s. However, time on earth is short even if we live this long. How are you spending your life? Are you going through the motions, living for the weekend and dreading Monday’s appearance? Are you moving so quickly that your body is shouting “no” and you haven’t even noticed?

I am going to ask you to do something for yourself. I want you to slow down and begin to listen to your body. Are you perpetually exhausted and running on steam? Are you trying to lose weight with no avail? Is 5pm Friday afternoon your favourite part of the week?

If your answers are yes, then your body is saying no.

The good news is, slowing down is a simple first step. Start making time in your day for your own self-care. Unplug for a bit and take a walk in nature. Nourish your body, mind and soul with healthy food, positive thinking and by doing what truly makes you passionate about life. Take care of your emotional and spiritual health too, because the health of the body, mind and soul are dependent upon each other.

If you’re struggling to thrive and find energy, lose weight or find the pleasure in life, I invite you to join me in my next 8-week group coaching program where we dive into “The Slow Down Diet – Eating for Pleasure, Energy & Weight Loss” by Marc David starting the 27th of July 2016.




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